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Survivor Stories

Thomas’s Story

Thomas Armstrong (50) a policeman for 24 years suffered a brain injury in 2005. Here is Thomas’s story of what happened…

I was working as a Sergeant in the police at the time I had my brain injury. I choked on a sweet and even though I got to hospital within 6 minutes, the oxygen supply was cut off to my brain and as a result I was in coma for 2 months and was in hospital for a period of 9 months.

As a result of my injury I had to learn how to walk, talk, read and write again. My speech has been really affected from my injury and at times my words are very unclear. Since joining Brain Injury Matters I’ve got really involved with keeping fit and use my local gym as often as possible. Being part of the outreach group I really enjoy getting out and about and spending time with the others in the group. We’ve developed great friendships and I look forward to seeing them each week.

I have recently bought myself a new house and feel positive and determined about my future.