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Survivor Stories

Robert’s Story

In 2010, Robert Waddell (57) survived a life threatening brain haemorrhage. This is his own story of what happened and the progress he is making after his brain injury…

I was working as a civil servant at the time when I suffered a brain haemorrhage. It happened with absolutely no warning, I just felt unwell and then passed out. The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital and being told it was three days later. I now have 3 small cranial aneurysms which are monitored every 3 months at the Royal Victoria hospital.

Initially after coming out of hospital, after 3-4 weeks, I had problems with my balance and found walking difficult and I also had problems with my speech and had to get speech therapy. The problems with my speech made me panic and started to affect my mood. I felt very down and depressed at the time and didn’t get out very often.

I was then told about Brain Injury Matters and how they help people who had suffered a brain injury. I went initially to give it a go and after a few months I started to feel at home and coming along each week really helped to bring me out of myself again.

I’ve got myself involved in many of the activities which go on at Brain Injury Matters including the drama workshops, which at the start I was very unsure off, but it’s really helped develop my confidence. I also really enjoy the music therapy, as it really relaxes me and helps bring back certain memories by listening to the music.

Coming here each week I’ve made some great friends, it’s great to have people to talk to who are in a similar situation as me and I feel really disappointed if there is a week I can’t get along to Brain Injury Matters.