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Younger Person’s Network Lusty Beg Trip


Stunning Lusty Beg Trip - 10th and 11th August

Members of the Younger Person’s Network enjoyed a recent trip to Lusty Beg Island.  During this stay the group enjoyed a number of outdoor activities including archery, clay pigeon shooting and kayaking.  Some great skills were displayed, so we may have a few young people ready for the Olympics in Rio in 2016!!

Set in the heart of the Fermanagh Lakelands, Lusty Beg Island is a 75 acre exclusive paradise offering a spectacular location and place to unwind.  This provided the young people with the opportunity to relax in the beautiful surroundings, have time to relax, make new friends and have time away to concentrate on their rehabilitation.

The trip was fantastic and enjoyed by all - we look forward to returning to Lusty Beg Island.