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ReSport Conference receives high praise from delegates


Brain Injury Matters hosted the ReSport Conference on Thursday 23rd November at The National Football Stadium, Windsor Park, Belfast.

As part of a European Sports network for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities “ReSport”, which brings together 8 European partners, Brain Injury Matters hosted the ReSport Conference (Sport and Exercise in Rehabilitation and Everyday Living for Young People and Adults with Disabilities).  The event explored the potential contribution of sport to adjustment to disability and the promotion of wellbeing, social inclusion and quality of life.  Speakers where from a variety of backgrounds including Sports Psychology, NeuroPhysiotherapy and coaches. 
European partners from the Erasmus project attended the conference; this included visitors from Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, French, Portugal and Croatia.

The conference was very well attended with over 100 delegates from a vareity of backgrounds (clinicians/physiotherapists/psychologists/coaches etc).  Delegates and exhibition hosts thoroughly enjoyed the conference and there was some fantastic feedback.

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for what was a wonderful morning of speakers and networking.”

“I found the conference very rewarding, stimulating and interesting.  In my role as a football coach at a Special Olympics Club, I have seen the many benefits of sport for our athletes and their families.  It is encouraging to see the impact of the various organisations and health agencies, working together, in providing the appropriate services and support to enhance the lifestyles of young people and adults with disabilities.  Until this conference, I had little knowledge of the importance of the work and services provided by Brain Injury Matters.”