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Gold Star Quality Mark


Brain Injury Matters has received the EFQM Gold Star Service Excellence Quality Mark having reached the quality standards of customer service excellence required.

The organisation underwent a rigorous in-depth assessment to measure their performance against the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) principles.  The requirements were benchmarked against a framework of European Best Practice.

The Gold Star Customer Service Excellence Award is designed to bring professional and effective international customer service practices into common use by Northern Ireland businesses/organisations.  The aim is to provide SME’s with an effective improvement tool to help them deliver services at home and abroad by putting customers and customer support systems at the core of what they do.

The benefits of the Gold Star Mark will help Brain Injury Matters to;

Promote service user loyalty;
Build our brand and reputation;
Make staff happier in their work;
Community respect, support and value.

Brain Injury Matters are delighted to receive this Quality Mark; it highlights the work we do to ensure our service users are getting the highest level of service in their rehabilitation.