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Regular Donations

Regular donations are of great value to us as a charity and without these donations we would not be able to deliver our vital services. If you want to help us rebuild the lives of those living with ABI just download a Direct Debit Form and become a Regular Donor to Brain Injury Matters.

Brain Injury Matters Winner's Club

The Brain Injury Matters Winner's Club is a private lottery and will be limited to 200 individuals. Simply set up a monthly Direct Debit of £5 per month or an annual Direct Debit of £60 and each month we will randomly select a winner for a cash prize of £150 (2 winners are selected each month).

The Winner's club was launched in December 2013 and there are still places available to be part of the lucky 200 now!

Wedding Favours and Special Occasions

If you would like to use a special occasion to improve the quality of life for those affected by brain injury in Northern Ireland we can supply collection envelopes and balloons to encourage your guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts.

“On the occasion of mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary they asked for no presents and donations in lieu. Our family selected Brain Injury Matters as my brother had a fall last year and sustained a brain injury. Thankfully he recovered completely. During his recovery we became acquainted with Brain Injury Matters through the valuable advice on the website. Our family chose to donate to Brain Injury Matters in recognition of the fabulous work they do in supporting families who require longer term care”. Colette Kane

We can also provide affordable personalised wedding favour cards with the following message:

Thankyou for being part of our special day. In honour and appreciation of our guests, a contribution has been made to Brain Injury Matters NI.

Become a collection box holder

Brain Injury Matters have collection boxes appropriate for both personal and business use. These boxes are maintained by our local volunteers in your area who will monitor, empty and regulate the boxes are your behalf. For more details on any of the above or other ways in which you can donate to Brain Injury Matters NI please contact Cathryn on 028 9070 5125 or email

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